Eclipse™ Privacy Platform is a privacy appliance and platform built on a read-only, hardened Linux foundation. Linux Containers are then used to discreetly house Kelare applications facilitating a full range of collaboration and messaging functions. The Kelare-Crypt™ core enables secure connections from a multitude of devices providing a frictionless and familiar user experience. Eclipse Privacy Platform™ functions as a secure private cloud and is the technical heart of our full line of solutions.


Workplace Social Software brings your communication together safely in one place. It provides your organization with private real-time messaging and searchable archives. All team communications and archives are hosted on the Eclipse Privacy Platform™. The user experience is both highly intuitive and ultra-secure.


What if someone is listening to me?” Users should ask themselves that every time they make a call, send a message, or an email because communication is exposed now more than ever. Call or chat confidently with CommLink™ resting assured that your internal conversations will not be compromised. CommLink™ can also dial into the public phone system while providing unique levels of control.


The Kelare-VPN™ secures communications to Eclipse Privacy Platform™ using proven certificate-based SSL VPN standards. Depending on the security and risk posture of the organization, Eclipse Privacy Platform™ can be made only accessible when our custom VPN is connected.


The Kelare-Drive™ is your organization's secure, out-of-band, data repository. With managed attribution, unique certificate authority, and VPN-only access to data, we create a dedicated and highly restrictive environment for priority users to store sensitive data.

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